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Dear visitors,

Baltic Books publish books on the Baltic states and make tours there.

So far we have published books in Swedish language on history, culture and tourist sites in Estonia and Latvia. We sell through our own web site and through book shops around Scandinavia.

Now and then we arrange a tour though some or all the Baltic states, visiting the capitals, but with focus on the spots off the beaten track that you would not find on your own. We also make cultural tours on request from societies and organisations.

And when we had started selling books, we could as well sell other books than our own... Below is what we presently can provide in English language.
(Prices including Swedish VAT but not postage.)

If you want more information, send an e-mail to
par.lindstrom @ (omit blank space both sides of "@" !).


City Guide - Vilnius

by the famous Lithuanian author Tomas Venclova, in English language.

This is not the book for the tourist who aims at seeing Vilnius in a day.

This is the book for the flaneur that prefers to stroll around in the company of the well known poet and essayist who for each block of the old town tells about the people and the life that once gave this part of Vilnius its special architecture and character.

216 pages, lavishly illustrated. Price 230 SEK + postage.

The Baroness - a novel

by Gisela Zebroski. The story of a strong woman and mother of four children. She was brought up to a pleasant life in castles of the Baltic German Barons, but was thrown into the chaos of WWI and the Russian revolution. And she finds her way through cold Bolshevik death marches and hot secret loves.

Zebroski, herself of a Baltic German family from Latvia, has good use of the family stories her mother has told her. This true-to-life drama portrays the dying days of the Russian Empire, the bloody rise of communist power and the birth of Baltic independence.

Price 230 SEK + postage.

English-Lithuanian and
Lithuanian-English pocket dictionary

7,5 x 10,5 x 2,2 cm, only 30% larger than a cig pack
16 000 words in each direction.

Price 75 SEK + postage.

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It all started...

I visited Lithuania in March 1990, the week before Lithuania declared restoration of its independence. Before going there I tried to find a guidebook on the Baltic states. There was none in Sweden. Nor did I found any in Lithuania. What to do? Write the missing book!

Since then I

So far I

One day the large Swedish publishing house lost interest in its own guidebooks on Estonia and Latvia - in spite of the unanimous praise they had got by reviewers. So I bought the remaining 2000 copies at roughly the printing price and continued selling them at full price. Now I print new editions on my own. That s the birth of the small publishing house Baltic Books.




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